Built to Last = Less Waste

I may have some more focused blog posts on this topic later. For now, I am just going to throw up some numbers related to how long you can expect household stuff to last…

Vinyl flooring could last for ten years or more compared to a century for hardwood flooring or ceramic tile.

I’m seeing conflicting numbers with reference to washers and dryers, but 8-12 years has been suggested by several sources. If the initial quality of appliances accounts for a year or two of that range in lifespan, you could be saving yourself the cost of an appliance or two by getting a higher end item. With these energy consuming appliances, the cost of operating them far outweighs the purchase price. Going for an energy efficient model is the right thing to do. Also ask yourself if you really need a clothes dryer. They have solar and wind powered clothes dryers that are a reasonably inexpensive purchase and cost nothing to operate.

I saw a range of 5-25 years for fridges. Obviously quality of components and construction must play a role there.

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