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Out of Africa: My Plastic Cat Carriers

I found myself buying a lot of plastic today in the form of two cat carriers. The pragmatic alternative would have been to find the best home possible for our rescued cats in this country. The strong emotions of children … Continue reading

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Saving Kittens and Plastic Waste

I saved a kitten from almost certain death yesterday. Catherine and I were sitting at our local cafe in the early morning and a tiny black and white kitten approached us on unsteady legs. It seemed to be imploring us. … Continue reading

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Safe Baby Transportation

I have made the case against making babies from a few different angles on this blog and elsewhere. It’s always a good way to stimulate discussion. I am personally responsible for one pregnancy. If and when you create a human, … Continue reading

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Don’t Stoop To Using Plastic Bags For Your Dog’s Poop

First things first, I think that the vast majority of the 44% of Americans and 30% of Canadians that own dogs shouldn’t. That is simply too many dogs. Many of them are left alone all day and develop separation anxiety. … Continue reading

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